Production Process

The capacity of the eight (8) pipe mills owned by the Company is up to 50,000 tons per year and similar is the productive capacity of the sliding machines.

The raw material used is steel in the form of  (coils), which is supplied by the Greek and international market.

According to the production plan, the Company is planning the periods ordering and receiving raw materials.

Depending on the product that is designed to produce, specifies the type, quantity and unit price of the raw material. The raw materials are obtained in the form of coils with a width of 1 meter to 1.5 meter, thickness from 0.6 mm to 5 mm and a total weight of 10 to 17 tonnes. Raw material (coils) depends on the price/ quality ratio that the Company will ensure by its suppliers and material quality: hot or cold rolled or galvanized, according to the production plan.

According to the production plan the coils are loaded to the decoiler in of the two sliding machines that operate in our plant.

The sliding machine produces strips in various widths and thicknesses. The strips are transferred to production hall and through cranes, each strip is feed in a double or single continuous accumulator.

Depending on the type of material (quality, thickness, width), the appropriate pipe mill is assigned for manufacturing the end product. In Company's facilities are eight (8) pipe mills and a metal cutting machine, which has the ability to process different types of coils and to produce the metal plates.

The strips unwound from the accumulator and through rollers (cylindrical, steel) shaped accordingly (the number and the type of rollers used in the configuration of the pipe line which is different for each manufactured item). The welding seam is made, by a high frequency generator and the product is finalized in both dimensions and straightness in the two turk-heads and is cut by an automatic cold cutting saw in the desired length.

Afterwards the tubes are packaged together in the bundling station with automatic equipment. The bundle moves to the runway by trolleys and is weighted. At that stage the bundle acquires its identity. To end production process the bundle is collected by magnetic cranes and stored in the intermediate storage warehouse.