Company Profile

"PIPEWORKS L. TZIRAKIAN PROFIL SA" operates in its current legal form, SA since 1967 (Government Gazette 310 / 27.04.1967). Initial shareholders and founders of the company were Mr. Limbaret Tzirakian of Takvor (94.6%) and Anous Tzirakian (5.4%).

The Company specializes from its founding in the manufacture of all types of steel pipes in various shapes. These tubes are available in different forms (e.g. beams in shape) and in various dimensions. The list of products includes more than 250 different products of different grades and dimensions.


The company's headquarters is in the 56th km. National Road Athens-Lamia, Oinofyta where its central production facility and warehouses.

The total area of ​​the premises of the company is 19.496 sq.m. including areas of industrial plants, warehouses and offices.

The Company is registered in the Companies Register of the Ministry of Development AR.M.A.E.9615 / 06 / B / 86/41.