1967: Establishment of the Company by Mr Lymparet and Annous Tzirakian, designed to produce pipes of all types.


1972: The Company completes the construction of two industrial plants total area 10.770 sq.m. at Oinofyta. The plant is used up to date for the housing production lines and warehouses.


1978: Warehouse construction at the center of Athens, to serve customers in Southern and Western Greece.


1990: The Company listed its shares on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange on August 29. The same year also, the company participates in the capital share of the company PROFIL EUROPA SA, which produces aluminum products, acquiring 12.92% of the share capital by twenty-five million (25,000,000) drachmas. During the same period, the Company applied in its production lines the process of galvanizing products and puts into operation the new production plant of large hollow sections.


1995: The Company purchases land of 14.917 sq.m. in Onofyta. The Company also constructed a new production plant at Oinofyta with total area of ​​3,808 sq.m. The construction of this industrial site was needed to accommodate demands of the market and the storage of raw materials.


1996: The Company extended the production plant and storage at 3,900 sq.m and completed production wise investments involving the installation of new pipeline, to produce a new range of products. The Company installed as well a management program of handling the storage of intermediate products.


1997: The Company starts producing metal sheets and adds a new product to existing range (tubes - hollow sections and structural pipes).  


1999: In November, the Company purchased 249,000 shares of ALME ANONYME INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY RAIlINGS-BUILDING AND HOTEL BUSINESS at the amount of four hundred nine hundred (490,053,900) million drachmas. These shares represent a majority stake (ie 51.01%) of the total share capital of the Company and the acquisition was made with the participation in the share capital of the company and financed by 18% of the equity of the Company and 82% by short bank lending. Also during the first nine months of 1999, the Company participated in the share capital of SANYO HELLAS HOLDING SA, by exchanging shares through the Athens Stock Exchange, gaining 0.3% of the share capital of the above company broadening  Companies holdings.


2000: The Company proceeded its investment plan, to modernize the mechanical equipment with the purchase of a new pipeline to produce stractural tubes with the amount of EUR 1.500.000 €.


2001: The Company is certified with ISO 9002 concerning the quality of the products.


2002: The Company modifying the approved investment program with the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting on 28.06.2002 decided the unspent funds totaling 230 million drachmas to be placed as mentioned:

• purchase of two trucks to serve the needs of the distribution system.

• construction of a building of 1,600 sq.m. at Oinofyta for the storage function of the Company

• to further strengthen the Company's working capital.


2003: New pipeline purchase to produce round tubes more efficient.


2004: Construction, of a new pumping station in the main production facility of the company.


2005: Purchase and installation of modern technology cooling tower.


2006: New products addition the existing range.


2008: Construction of a new truck garage.


2009: The company obtained the ISO 14001 certification.


2010: Electrical and Electronic upgrade of Hollow Section pipeline.


2011: Purchase of two new certified forklifts.


2012: Transfer of ALME S.A company’s facilities at Oinofyta


The company also purchased drilling P machinery.


The company is constantly trying to upgrade the mechanical equipment despite difficult financial circumstances.