Sales and Distribution Network

• The Company has a flexible and well-organized network promoting the products, oriented towards informing, supporting and supplying its customers. The company sales network covers the Greek Territory as a whole, both the mainland and the islands.

• Key role in the well-organized network of sales and distribution of the Company, is the Sales Division, which is staffed with trained people expertise in modern sales techniques.

• Sales network consists of four salesman and two representatives who regularly visit company's customers throughout Greece and arrange for the reception of orders.

• 95% of sales of the Company is sold exclusively to wholesalers while the remaining 5% is for industries and crafts.

• The products are distributed solely from the central warehouse at Oinofyta.


• The Company in the region of Attica delivers the products from the central warehouse to customers through its own truck and delivers to customers located outside of Athens, are organized by freight.

• The following table shows the geographical distribution of the customers of the Company on the basis of the total turnover (turnover) of the Company during fiscal year 2011

1 ATTICA 7.151.306 52,01
2 MACEDONIA 83.263 0,61
3 PELOPONISOS 1.646.284 11,97
4 AEGEAN ISLANDS - CRETE 978.791 7,12
5 IONIAN ISLANDS - EPIRUS 1.883.968 13,7
6 STEREA ELLADA - EVIA 1.649.540 12
7 THESALIA 289.460 2,11
8 THRAKI 66.982 0,48
TOTAL 13.749.594 100%